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New levels, new mechanics, latest news! Myths and legends of Russian gamedev. Don’t miss!

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Hey everyone,

Wow, it’s been awhile since we wrote about our development process. We’re two guys after all. Oh well. By the way, I mean the big news. Small news we post in our Facebook group. Big and long news are here, from the developers themselves. Thank you that you are reading this stuff, you are the best players that we have!

We are continuing the development. We’ve finished the small spinoff-flashback part with Pera the Hero. In that small mini-game in our mini-game you may play as this ancient mythical Hunter. You will hunt the Moose and in the end acquire fire from the Sun. Pera is a Prometheus of Komi people; he shot the Sun and met there a goddess Zaran, a goddess of dawn.

Pera And The Sun

Here on top screenshot you may see Pera just shooting the Sun. This moment actually was already in the first demo version of the game, and it was quite stunning in regards of the ethnic atmosphere if I may say so myself, mainly because of the work of our second guy in team of two, Misha the Composer. He made this track with samples from folk instrument called letchan-vuj, and the track can be found right below, check it out, the sound is so archaic, that I can feel the breath of ancient myth right now.

This track will probably be even better in the final version of the game. On the Pera level we are planning also a dynamic soundtrack, so that when you are getting closer to the prey, the music will be more intense. By the way, Misha is continuing the work on new tracks and even bought the vargan, another ethnic instrument. I personally can’t wait for more.


The next level after Pera will be a Mammoth Cave. Mammoth in Komi mythology is NOT a kind of retro-elephant. Mammoth is a huge elk with tusk horns. The word “mammoth” comes actually from Russian word “мамонт”, and that Russian word comes from Mansi words “Mang Onth”, what means “Earth Horn”. This mythical beast is so heavy that he is submerged into the earth and with his huge mass he dug the river beds, and where he laid the lakes appeared, and where he pastured the seas were born.


The creation time has passed. Mammoth now resides in the lower world, and the Mooseman will meet him in the wood where instead of trees the tusks grow, where instead of branches the horns lay under the sunless skies.

Not far from the cave the spirits still continue their work on star creation.


Then the Mooseman will travel across the spider web of Cheran’ among Orts - spirits of the dead that walk along their final path. We have not so much work left on the lower world and soon we will start to work on the middle world, then to the upper world, the concept of traveling to which on the bird Kars you may see below. We continue the development according to the plan. Almost.


Another thing that is new and interesting: we have a new machanics. As we told earlier it is a protective field of sorts. It exists in both worlds and helps to defend against different evil spirits that live in all the worlds.


We hope that the new mechanics will help to liven up the gameplay, case a lot of puzzles with the first mechanics was already used and we want to tell about Mooseman world so much more.

Oh, by the way, we’ve got the first Mooseman fanart, which is super nice. Thank you, Vlad!

Mooseman Fanart

We are also participating in the contest of games called GamesJamKanobu. If you like our project, you may vote for us (beware, the site is on Russian, so for the brave only). We will be super grateful!

Thank you for reading through our diary. Ask away anything you’d like, in the comment section below




This game looks aesthetically amazing ;o

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vbeletsky Author

Thank you!

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