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This is a summary of this module's deviations from Native.

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  • Caravan Masters have had their stats boosted and are now equipped with the strange equipment set; furthermore, they can now be upgraded from Mercenary Cavalry.
  • Mercenary Cavalry can now upgrade into Caravan Masters and Mercenary Lancers.
  • Looters have been forced to wear shirts and have been given shields, polearms, and better throwing weapons.
  • All bandit types have been given a unique upgrade path that is integrated with a corresponding faction's upgrade path; which means that the faction troop trees have been expanded.
  • Food amounts have been increased.
  • Bandit party sizes have been increased.
  • Bandit parties now spawn with a mixture of troops from their upgrade paths.
  • Some new musical pieces have been added to the game (WIP).
  • Overall, the difficulty of this module is a little bit above native.
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