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Introducing Milky Way Alpha-2, the first update since we launched Early Access a week ago.

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It has been an overwhelming success on indieDB as the app was listed at 34 among more than 32,000 others.


You are a fragile rock in space willing to shine brightly as a star. Every time you gently collide with a nearby object, you gradually become a protoplanet. But wait! Violent collision with a big one could destructively end your life, so be careful.

Major Features

GPU Particle

Contrary to old school particle system that usually shows a few hundreds particles on screen, particle systems in Milky Way unlock full computational power of your graphics card to simulate millions of dynamic particles in real-time. This enables Hollywood style visual effects.

Destructible Environment

Milky Way is now support both full and partial destruction. The latter takes the angle of impact into consideration which locally affects a collided object. This will enhance simulation realism.

Early Access is available at www.scixp.com for only $9.95

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