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Milky Way allows you to conduct astrophysical simulations to indulge your curiosity.

The Software incorporates real observational data and accurate theoretical models to predict various phenomena such as planetary collision, relativistic and quantum effects around a black hole.

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It has been an overwhelming success on indieDB as the app was listed at 34 among more than 32,000 others.


You are a fragile rock in space willing to shine brightly as a star. Every time you gently collide with a nearby object, you gradually become a protoplanet. But wait! Violent collision with a big one could destructively end your life, so be careful.

Major Features

GPU Particle

Contrary to old school particle system that usually shows a few hundreds particles on screen, particle systems in Milky Way unlock full computational power of your graphics card to simulate millions of dynamic particles in real-time. This enables Hollywood style visual effects.

Destructible Environment

Milky Way is now support both full and partial destruction. The latter takes the angle of impact into consideration which locally affects a collided object. This will enhance simulation realism.

Early Access is available at www.scixp.com for only $9.95

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