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An update to the dwarf mine level demo for Mighty Vikings - The blight of Skarnolf.

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Hi, we have now added some environment interaction, camera rotation and new rune pickups and some props, crates and a teleporter pad to the map. The pickups include explosion, force, mirage and a teleport glyph, and a healing and speed rune pickup. I'm currently working on the enemies for this section so the video is just a walkthrough, but at 4:25 it shows the mine cart gauntlet the Viking must pass to get to the final teleporter. In this section he will also be under attack from ranged weapons and timed grenades.

A lot of work has been done on polishing the level assets although the wall sections and various other assets are still need to be textured.

Also, we are looking for an additional coder. Please check out this thread on the Unity forums if you are interested..


Lloyd Chidgzey-producer at Pixel Rules.

monolith 01


dwarfmine update02

dwarfmine update01

dwarfmine update20

DM props05

DM props02

DM props20

dwarfmine update10


The lighting on those runes and crystals is beautiful

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