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Mazyr's Update is available (#32) with many new changes.

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Hello! Discover changes and modifications for “Mazyr”’s Update (32).


  • Mission 4: Fix UI.
  • Mission 4: Fix bugs.
  • Mission 3: Fix bugs.
  • Trees Assets: Rework LOD system.
  • Fire effects: Ajust sounds.
  • Movement: Infantry will priorize “no cover area” to go to the destination.


  • All buildings: Rework Nav Mesh area Obstacle.
  • All buildings:
    Rework damage effects (Health):
    -100%-50% No effect
    -50%-20% Smoke effect
    -20%-0% fire effect
  • Tents All: New cost: 10 material units for 1 population slot.
  • Tents PL/GER: Change cost to 40 Material units.
  • Tents RU: Change cost to 60 Material units.
  • Tents PL/GER: Change Health to 105.
  • Tents RU: Change Health to 160.
  • UGV: Add fire effect.


  • Mission 1: Add silencer for Hunter Team with new sounds.
  • Poland Border: Upgraded.
  • Tutorial: Upgraded.
  • Halshani: Upgraded.
  • Daugava (Skirmish-RU campaign-NATO campaign): Upgraded.
  • Airport (Skirmish-RU campaign-NATO campaign): Upgraded.
  • Montain (Skirmish-RU campaign-NATO campaign): Upgraded.
  • Drozdy (Skirmish-RU campaign-NATO campaign): Upgraded.
  • Drozdy: Add only infantry areas.
  • Park: Upgraded.





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