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Post news RSS Major update of the first part of Korala - The first world!

Major update of the first part of Korala - The first world!

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Two years ago, Jean-Pierre and I (Nicolas) started this fantastic journey, and we are proud to see our near-end vision of the game realized.

Enjoy our latest trailer of Spherium! As we get closer to the Megamigs show, we are starting the process of finding a publisher.

We have also release version 0.90e on Steam as early access.

The narrative was rewritten from the ground up. The story will be slowly revealed by reading the logs left by the colonist and Kindra, your AI implant. Important: All voiceovers will be redone to convey more emotions and increase game immersion.

  • A brand new Energy blaster weapon with two firing modes; Energy blast and vaporize missile. Use the power-up and unleash the power surge!

  • An antimatter railgun with two firing modes; Disintegrator and Antimatter spread. Use the power-up to fire at a blazing speed.

  • A new skill tree offers powerful weapon upgrades and more possibilities in upcoming updates.

  • A new fabricator to craft power-up and critical machinery components.

  • New deadly enemy, the Megapox!

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  • We redid some enemies like the Bosboon, reworked the animation of others, and enhanced the AI.

  • We still have a lot of work ahead of us as we now need to complete the rest of Korala, update the three other available worlds, and finish the last two remaining worlds.

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Known Issues

  • Previous saved games will no longer work as the save format had to change to cope with new features—an excellent opportunity to replay the revamped section.
  • Sometimes the battle sound will keep playing after killing all enemies. FIX: Save/Load to fix the music until we fix the bug.
  • The soundtrack cuts when Kindra is speaking.
  • Materials on the TRX IV to be redone.
  • The game will currently display in full screen only on the native resolution of the screen. Otherwise, it will be displayed in a window.
  • Resolutions with an aspect ratio different from 1.77 will result in a distorted display.

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Upcoming Update Features

  • Complete Korala.
  • Update the other available worlds.
  • Smarter AI & more creatures animations.
  • Improve the map by showing all resources.
  • Improved layout and design coherency for user interface.
  • Add Steam Achievements (full suite of 25+)
  • Controller Support (Xbox/Playstation)
  • Full options to adjust graphical settings.

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