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A quick update about our newest version up on GameJolt.

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Hello there!

We've just added a new Early Access version of Kalaban to GameJolt. We wanted to highlight a couple of new things from this package:

  • Food mechanics

Now, this feature hasn't actually changed, but now we've highlighted how it functions. In Kalaban, when your food meter drops to zero, Bob will not starve. Instead, the food value determines your regeneration rate. The more food you have in your stomach, the faster you recover. With zero food, player does not regenerate.

  • Drag & drop inventory

We've had a lot of feedback from our testers about the bugs in our inventory hotbar. Now we've rehauled the system, and made it more "click & drop" than "drag & drop", eliminating a lot of the issues that we had before. The inventory still features the standard dropdown "Use/Drop" menu, which you activate by right-clicking an item. Third way to activate an item is by double-clicking it.

Okay, so those are main things in this new version. You can download version 0.7.4 from our GameJolt page.

- Harri J.

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