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Let us present to you some moodboards for Louzan, a game about a father and son emotional bond.

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Hi everyone! Another week, another devlog!

Today, we want to talk about what inspired us and show you our moodboards for our newest meaningful game, Louzan!

For an idea to become a project, there’s the need to go through a long process of research. And for this team, research means looking at different video games and visiting where the game will take place at!


Along with the pictures we shared with you last week, the team looked at a few great games, like Lieve Oma, Wide Ocean Big Jacket and The Stillness of the Wind to create some moodboards for Louzan!

The moodboards consist of a board of references for the characters (1), the art style desired for Louzan (2), and a ton of references for each chapter of Louzan which we will talk about in the next weeks.

To give you a brief explanation, in the first chapter of the game little Hugo will have a camera that he can take photos. Following this, the game will be focused on transversing the environment and appreciating the overall natural atmosphere while the son and dad talk about their lives.

Moodboard Characters

Moodboard 22222

Moodboard 3333Moodboard 4Moodboard 55


On this devlog we looked at a lot of inspirations that will help us create our newest project Louzan as well a preview of how the game will work and consist of.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, see you next week! :)

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With Kindness, Rio Studios®

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