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Post news RSS Lost Memories: Ghosts of the Past Pre-Demo build 0.8.1 available

Pre-demo build 0.8.1 available for download now! Download and post your feedback to help shape the future of this project.

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  • Help me shape the future of the project by submitting your feedback: here
  • Build 0.8.1 is available for download: here

In this build you will be able to play the whole demo. Of course the build will have some issues, but with your help and feedback the issues can be solved.

What to expect from the build:

  • You will fight with heavy trained soldiers





  • You will have to fight drones that are protecting different areas of the facility:


  • You will have to get past through the infected android workers ( the virus has been uploaded by EDF as a part of the fight against Mars Corporation and the Androids have random models, this is one of them ):


  • You will have to fight against the Facility's commander:


  • You will have to destroy the facility's reactor and escape:



  • In the build 0.8.1 i have provided some fixes and quality of life improvments:
    Fixed the A.I pathfinding making the able to move through the level and follow the patrol points, player, search for the player and react to different player actions
  • Removed the death event in the Prologue mission and increased the performance by 20% on Epic video settings
  • Added V.O in the Training Facility mission when the player is spotted by the camere in order to give him the hint that the player must interact with the console in order to open the door and advance.
    Changed the checkpoint position in Training Facility mission
  • Changed the checkpoint location and logic in the Training Facility mission
  • Added a hint where the weapon shelf is at the starting of the Operation Trojan Horse mission
  • Fixed issue with the saving logic before the boss battle room in Operation Trojan Horse mission
  • Changed the post process in the Medical Facility mission
  • Changed the backround of the settings in the main menu to make them more visible
  • Changed the Narration sound in the Prologue mission
  • Changed the backround music in the Main Menu
  • Changed the A.I logic to react when another A.I is shooting or is spotting the player
  • Added footsteps for the A.I for all stances
  • Added Reaction for the A.I to react to the player's footsteps
  • Changed the size of the sparks effects to increase the fidelity of some scenes
  • Added highlit for the Reactor Objective and the objectives from the Devil's Trap mission
  • Changed the muzzle intensity in order to get rid of the muzzle's smoke blocking the aim of the player while the flaslight is active
  • Changed the size of the boss to better fit the scene
  • Added damage volume for the fire effects


Dan Ionita

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