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Pre-Demo 0.8.9 Changelog for the upcoming horror/thriller/action video game Lost Memories Ghosts of the Past

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Lost Memories: Ghosts of the Past Pre-Demo 0.8.9 changelog:

  • ammo text added for all ammo items so they can be easier to spot.
  • Changed the lighting intensity in the Operation Trojan Horse shuttle
  • Added smooth transition between player camera and console
  • Balanced to weapon recoil depending on weapon
  • Fixed issue where player can dash on place
  • Added different secondary weapon ( 3 secondary weapons: 1 handgun, 1 shotgun and 1 smg, not available during 0.8.9 the play )
  • Added 3 dialogues where the player is informed how to use Dash, Drone and Flashlight
  • Updated the drone U.I
  • Fixed weapon saving system (edited)
  • Added lockers
  • 90% polished the last part of the mission
  • Further improvements to the Boss AI
  • Added condition if the player do not jump on the shuttle to fail the mission. ( Devil's Trap )
  • Added lt michael and elaine adams in the shuttle at the end of the mission
  • Added death volume to the Reactor Room if the player is in the room after the countdown has ended
  • Lowered the time to leave from the reactor room to 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds
  • Added 2nd and 3rd narration soundtrack
  • Added 1st zone Backround soundtrack
  • Added logic for the 8 zones music in order to be played based on the zone
  • Added UE4 logo splash screen
  • Re-adding the takedown ability
  • 4 animations implemented for the non-lethal kills
  • Fixes to A.I patfinding in order to not try to go straight at the player, making them blocking in walls
  • Fixed headshot logic ( now the player can headshot the A.I while it is in combat )
  • Added an ability for the player called " Ultra Instinct " the ability will consume a very heavy amount of energy ( the ability will slow down time for about 3 seconds )
  • Added weapon collision for the player character to lower the weapon when colliding with walls or objects ( secondary and primary ) (edited)
  • Fixed shadow depths in headquarters
  • Fixed shadow depths in operation hungry dog
  • Further improvements to the A.I ( now the A.I can hear the footsteps of the player in a certain radius, it will search the player if he is not seeing him, it will alert other A.Is of the player's location if they hear or see the player, assigned random locations for every A.I in order to not stuck on each other, the A.I can now interact with some elements in the world, assigned symetric patrol routes and timings to increase the stealth scenarios)
  • Polished the condition for footsteps sound. Now if the player enters a sphere that is attached to the ai the footsteps will make sound. If he is crouched the footsteps will not be heard by the ai while the player is inside the sphere
  • Increased the hearing threshold of the A.I to 15000 units in order to be able to hear the gunshot at distance
  • Added a multiplier by 2 to the mouse senisitivity when the ultra instinct ability is activated to not have an impact to the mouse sensitivity
  • Added time dilatation to the sounds in order to simulate the slow down time
  • Decreased game size from 8.33gb to 6.93
  • Modified the AIs hearing and alert radius according to the area they are in, in order to optimize the the AIs responding time to shooting or to friendlies death (edited)
  • Added Restart Level functionality for all levels
  • Added Ammo Count and Scanner Online-Offline to the H.U.D
  • Added a new room in the Operation Trojan Horse as a transition between sector A and B. Thus enhancing the stealth level of the mission.
  • Added logic to the A.I when the player kills the A.I from behind ( takedown ) the alert radius of that A.I will be set to 0

Some screenshots:

6   Copy 2

6   Copy


6 1

Another Minigame 1

Drone 1


Dan Ionita, Lost Memories developer and creator

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