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When an RPG is in development, many people may ask what the quest system is like. We'd like to explain to you how questing will be handled in Lords of Xulima.

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The inspiration of Lords of Xulima came from my own curiosity for existing mythologies. I started a novel project, which was never completed. However, I took the story and mythology created for it, and started to conceptualize the Lords of Xulima RPG.

Because of this, first and foremost, Lords of Xulima is very story focused. There are 4 main story themes in the game.

The 4 Main Story Themes include:

  • The Divine Temples
  • The Impious Princes
  • The Divine Artifacts
  • The Titans.

All of the plot lines advance based on your choice. When a section is completed you will get a note in your journal for that story arc. You can progress as you choose.

In addition to the four main stories, there are optional subplots.

The Subplots Include:

  • The Mausoleums of Kings
  • The Gifts of the Gods
  • Champion of the Arena.

Originally, Lords of Xulima was designed to not have side quests. Now side quests are included and offered by an instructor of each village.

However, it is entirely possible to play the entire game without doing any of these side quests. The choice is yours.

You can learn more about Lords of Xulima by visiting our official website or finding us on Kickstarter to stay up to date.

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Gemini37 - - 17 comments

Impressionante, cara. Só pelo gráfico medieval e pela grama, iluminação, textura com cores vivas já da pra dizer que o game é ótimo. Se ele dar uma experiência como o clássico Age Of Empires, você está de parabéns. ^^

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