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Lonely Bunny RPG Update 1.1 submitted! Developer previews version 1.2 and other future content.

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We were hoping that version 1.1 of Lonely Bunny RPG would be available this week; sadly, it seems that we will still have to wait approval from Apple.

Included in the first version 1.1 that we submitted:

100% dynamic GUI. Move any button anywhere on the screen.
Improved inventory. Equipped items appear at the top of the screen.
Equipped items will be marked with an E.
Inventory colliders have all been adjusted for easier movement of items.
Dropped loot will be easier to pick up.
Save level feature.
Tighter controls. More menu options to adjust controls.
Toned down the forward movement while attacking.
Increased character speed slightly.

Popular fixes also include:
Enemy melee auto targeting.
Magic auto targeting and combos.
Large cartoon font.

The two following screenshots show the new font and how well it works:

Some of the most heavily criticized elements of our game were the control options. With version 1.1, most of the control variables have been exposed so you can adjust the speed, rotation, and limits based on your playing style.

We also added automated targeting for melee and magic, which in turn makes your character, once leveled properly a tremendously efficient killing machine.

Ipad users sent us their concerns that they had to stretch their fingers too far to reach certain buttons. With the fast paced combat of Lonely Bunny, we saw how users could be frustrated without having the ability to adjust their button location. With our 100% Dynamic GUI improvements, you can move any button anywhere on the screen.

For those users who desired a save level feature, we added a load ability to load the game from the last level you were on.

In the update with version 1.1 we added automatic sorting based on equipped items and easier item movement controls.

The most praised gameplay element from players has been the finishing moves that the bunny can unleash upon the hoards of enemies that confront him. We wanted to expand on those elements, so we added 4 new fighting styles with new finishing moves in either version 1.2 or version 1.3, which will be released soon.

This screenshot shows the character equipped with the new 2 Hand Weapon fighting style as you can see from the large sword he has holstered.

By adding new fighting styles, we also had to add new special finishing moves for each fighting style. As you can see here, the bunny is executing one of the finishes with the 2 Hand Weapon Fighting style.

On top of the 2 Hand Fighting style we also added a ranged weapon/melee weapon fighting style, a pole/long weapon fighting style, a dual weapon fighting style, and a special hidden style that incorporates extremely outlandish finishes for a total of 6 fighting styles.

Check out the new dual weapon fighting style.

We haven't exactly decided what update version 1.2 or 1.3 will include. The original version 1.0 and the newly submitted version of 1.1 only had one fighting style and 6 finishes. Now that we have a total of 6 fighting styles with 26 finishes, the player character is so highly customizable that we felt it was necessary to expand the game quite a bit more by adding more levels. Presently, we are still trying to figure out if we want to add everything in a one large update, or spread it out over a few updates. Let us know what you think.

Another interesting footnote is that we already have built all the new gameplay with new fighting styles and finishes and we can't even submit this update to the app store because we are still waiting for our previous version 1.1 to be updated.

Thank you all for the tremendous support for Lonely Bunny RPG!

If you have any comments, improvement ideas, bug issues or gameplay related issues, please don't hesitate to contact us here or at support@forcequitapplications.com.

All of our updates so far, have been based on great suggestions from our passionate fanbase. Thanks for the support!

Check back here for updates or follow us on twitter: www.twitter.com/VonStarOne


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as this is made with unity, would it be possible for a pc version?

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voncarp Author

Yes. Unity will make the transition much easier for other systems . We are nearing the end of any major game content updates and will begin to port over to Android first and then PC/Mac.

Cool 3d art on your profile btw. If your fantasy characters need a home, we will be more than happy to add them to the world of Lonely Bunny ;) Let us know!


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