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You can now sign up the the Light Apprentice beta! We're finally reaching this milestone!

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You can now sign up the the Light Apprentice beta! We're finally reaching this milestone!

- Sign up for beta (requires a device)
Excitement (paradoxically along with tiredness) is one of the emotions that's permeating the team this week. We're finally reaching beta, and we're having to cut many corners for that. But if feels great to have a game that's becoming so tight, and also to know it's out soon in the market.If you'd like to help testing and polishing the game, access the new website and drop your e-mail address there. We really appreciate it :)

- New wall and groun textures (set 2)
This time, we're implementing the second set of new textures. These dungeons were born when old castles and underground fortifications were abandoned after the 300-Year War came to an end -- and are now inhabited by all kinds of monsters. Nate and his friends are the few human (-oids) to adventure inside its cold walls!

New textures 2

- New website
We finally have a new website. We'll slowly be updating it with new sections, but you can already go there and use it to tell all your friends about our game :) We can, of course, also send people to this profile, if they're interested in knowing how we made/are making the game.

- Tracking and support
It's very cool to get new Watchers when we post news and details about Light Apprentice. If you'd like to support us by this indirect act, I'll tell you it's a great gesture. All you have to do is click "track this game" on the right side column, if you haven't already.As development is coming to a close, we'll need all the support we can find from people that know at least a little bit about this game. Since we have basically 0 dollars for marketing, we fear the game fails on reaching its audience, and as time goes, maybe it will demotivate the crew, since weøre so underpaid and are doing it because we love to create content for an audience and see people's reaction to what we do.

So if you'd like to help make this game successful, it costs you nothing to tell your friends about it, post it on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, you name it. Follow us. Because if we can make a living of it, we'll continue to improve the experience the game provides, and hopefully make new games based on the knowledge gained by making Light Apprentice.

Thank you!See you next time,
- Igor


Liking the updates guys real good job can't wait for the finishing product :)

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iggynore Author

Thank you for the support!! :)

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