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Want to get a sneak peek at what we are working on and learn a bit of 3D modeling at the same time? Then you need to read this news post. News 20 is here!

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The lift team is modeling Live this Wednesday for everyone to see! find out how bellow!

That's right we are going to be working in front of the cameras for anyone who is interested to see. This Wednesday the 14th at 9PM EST, we will broadcast live, the workings of our 3D modeler Doug. This will become a weekly thing to look for.

Main Lift Mogulus Site
(has better chat system)

With this you can get up close to the Lift developers. This week its Doug making the Scud bike from the early episodes of the show. However other developers from Lift will be in the connected chat room to help explain anything and answer some questions. Doug will be walking you through the process of making this LFO so anyone that,s interested in 3D should take a look, you might learn something!


Programing moves forward ever so slowly. Kezeali is stepping down as the main coder and taking on a manager position in the team. He has however left our most recent coder a lot of things that make coding life a bit easier. However this portion of the mod is still proving troublesome. Our coder Giggles has been in the hospital for a while and only recently was able to get back into the coding chair. Wish him luck!

3D Modeling

As always we have a fresh pile of props to make our way through this month, which is very time consuming. Cerebrate managed to code us a nifty little prop compiler for source that makes it possible for some one who doesn't have any experience with QC files and importing models in general, to compile a model.

Doug managed to finish skinning the Wel-tal model from Xenogears. PhotobucketOnly to find a concept for it that we did not have before! After seeing the details and getting a whole new perspective of the model, we decided to scrap the old one. We can do better than this, and we will prove it!

Doug also managed to build a large amount of props for our map. Thanks to Genjo and Cerebrate, they are now helping clutter up our new weapons tent.
Speaking of the weapons tent, it has been completely redone. The old tent was too low poly. The initial idea was to remake it with more detail, but I got a bit carried away and just made a new one.
Weapons tent Weapons Tent

We are still in the middle of adding all the props to this area, these two for example didn't make it in in time for this news post.



This months wallpaper brought to you by Doug and PlinkoTink


5AM has left us with another great track. It appeared out of no where on our forums with only the description "I would kill robots to this"

Lift is two months away from being 2 years old. We would love to be on the top 100 for this years ModDB awards! please take a second to click on the vote button on this page. Support the one and only Mech-mod for source!

Open Positions

Mapper: We are now taking applications for mappers. Must have good experience with Hammer. Experience with large open maps is a plus but not required.

Coder: Lift is in the market for a coder. If your interested please send you application to the E-mail below. experience needed in C++ and with the source engine.

Techercizer - - 478 comments

We have action-packed news left and right it seems! The new wallpaper looks awesome, and I love the new song; keep up the awesome work!

P.S. It's nice to see the live lift channel finally announced to the world.

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stat1cshade - - 23 comments

we knew the update would eventually appear good luck with the moddb competition

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BcForCe - - 922 comments

true say tech and static. true say

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