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Lift has had a change to roster and a big media update. Lift also visits EXP Con, come check it out!

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PhotobucketCheck out our monthly progress here and for an extend version with more pics and info, check out our forums!


At the beginning of last month I asked 5AM for a new track with a trance feel too it. As always, he delivers.

5AM has some big tracks in the works, one of them being a remixed song from the Xenogears soundtrack and the other is too spiffy to talk about.


As our fans know G3njo Has been our mapper since the mods beginning. Genjo is a good friend of mine and offered to help make a map for the mod. Hes a busy guy and does not have a lot of time to do this favor for me. We are looking for more mappers with decent experience in HAMMER. Our maps are very large but the difficulty level is some what small since scenery is pretty simple and most detailed areas are handled by our modelers. So if you can, then send an application to our E-mail. I always accept help finding places to advertise for this position too so add a comment or PM me with any information you may have!
Our tent model has been skinned and the image for it has been updated.

We have been kicking an idea around the team for a few days. I wanted to make the top area of the lobby area in our first map lined with these billboards I made.

The idea is to let the fans make the images that would be on the billboards. I decided that if I get enough positive feedback on the idea then we will go through with it.


Eureka indeed! Our new character modeler, Torchling, has finished his work on his first model for Lift.

Eureka Model

Eureka Model

We have spent the last few days bothering Torchling to death with our horribly strict critique. It is still in need of some tweaks, but ready to show off none the less. This model will appear in game as well in our opening cinematic.

As you all know, the Type R 606 was remade last month. Since then it has been detailed by our molder Doug. The head and the arms and the feet all had tweaks and changes to them, and in the end it has become an amazing model! Big thanks to Cerebrate for getting it rigged and animated so quickly.

Type R 606

Type R 606

The 606 is the center of our latest wallpaper "in The Sky" . I got a good amount of people asking me if that's the model that's going to be in game, and yes it is. The trapar trail was made by Jewel Jones. You can find it in our downloads section.


There have been major changes to our coding department.
First off Kezeali has decided to move on to bigger and better things and will not be coding for Lift anymore. Our new coder goes by the name of Psychaosx. For the past week or so he and Kezeali have been working together to get everything sorted and finished. our build is indeed up and runing and the next update to it will include our custom death animations for LFOs and pink explosions. We will try to have some video of that asap.

I went to EXP Con this month. EXP con is a smaller anime convention in St. Augustine FL. While it was small, it was very fun! I even managed to spend 160 dollars. Aside from the fun, I managed to spread the word of the mod to all the anime junkies!


More info and pics on our forums)

Well that's it for this month Lift fans, keep watching us and we will do our best to make something that you can all enjoy! dont forget to check out or forums for our extended news, this one will be the first extended news that we have done in months!
A big thanks goes out to INtense! He walked me through a lot of formatting work for the new header.


Mapper: We are now taking applications for mappers. Must have good experience with Hammer.
experience with large open maps is a plus but not required.

Web master: We are still looking for someone to take care and maintain our web site. It is in
need of a face lift or a total overhaul if you would like.

E-mail at Lift_mod@yahoo.com thanks!

NullSoldier - - 973 comments

I didn't make it out to Expcon but if I knew you were going I would have tried to make it out. I would like to have some kind of HL2 Mod Panel at one of the anime conventions one of these days. Most people don't even know what they are which is a total shame. They are so wrapped in their tiny console world it's a shame there so ignorant.

If you make it out to any other Florida cons make sure to post. You'll probably see me running around as a Scout at megacon. :)

Great news btw.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
purplehaze412 - - 368 comments

Nice job Keep it up, been watching from the beginging, Can't wait for this mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mrksmt9 - - 887 comments

Excellent music !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Artarious - - 1,064 comments

My head Exploded and Imploded at the same time, im fine but my rooms a mess, but seriously im getting HL2 just for this but it makes me ask, what addons will be needed to play Like Ep 1, 2. kinda thing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Cerebrate - - 31 comments

This will be using the Source 2007 engine version - also known as the orange box engine.

Probably the way to get it with the least amount of game buying is only buying team fortress 2.

If you want hl2, then you'll need up to episode 2.

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PsykoDragon - - 3 comments

I hope that's not the final texture for the 606, & that other LFO's don't have similar textures. It just doesn't look organic.

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