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Because knowledge is power! See our new LFO, learn the ways of our coders and take a look at the amazing new wallpaper!

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Lift News 13 - And you thought GTA4 was good.
Our website will be up and running this Sunday night so take a look at it at www.LiftMod.org when its up!
First off take a look at the two new songs we have up. They are both great quality and show that Lift will have all sorts of music types.

Jewel Jones has been nice enough to make Lift a new wallpaper, and I am happy to release it this month!
Visible Trapar

Our latest LFO has been skinned and named. This is the LFO you will start with. This is "The loaner"

The loanerThe LoanerThe Loaner

The loaner is a training LFO that was not made for combat in any way what-so-ever. The cockpit is only big enough for one, and its cramped. Going out in this thing with intent to fight is pretty much asking to be killed, But its all you got.
We would also like to welcome Mokinari to our team as our concept artist. We would also like to remind everyone that we are still looking for a character animator, check out our Help Wanted
on our forums ( Lift.12.forumer.com ) for more information on what we are looking for.

Now on to the progress report. As you know we have two coders, and they have been working together making some structure work. Basically there's not going to be any code for the game itself until this
structure code is done. They are developing a series of tools that ill help others on the team, and take some of the load off of the coders. Here is a quick summary from KezealiL: "Lift is a content-heavy mod - It has many RPG-like features, which is
to say many in-game objects are upgradeable or customizable . But there's no point in saying that player can 'customize' something
if all that means is one or two options. In other words, we want to give players as many options a possible so that they feel like their
character is really different from everyone else's. For this reason, an efficient content creation pipeline is very important. To this end, we are building a data driven layer on top of the source engine.

So, what exactly does 'data-driven' mean. Quite simply, it means the programmer gives as much control to the artists over the behavior and appearance of in-game objects as possible. This isn't particularly easy, but a quick perusal of the vast depths of content at Garrysmod.org shows how well it can pay off (Garry's Mod is also data-driven).
For more clarification refer to this image

This code will take a large amount of work off of the coders and allow
us to make content faster. Not to mention it will be very useful in
later projects.

That's it for this month guys, I hope you manage to take some time away
from GTA4 to come and visit us at Lift.12.forumer.com


Very nice media

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Yes, that robot is cool

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Nice work :).

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Good progress

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