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Following up on our information concerning the development plans, we decided to shed some light on what we have cooking.

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Hey everyone!

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Following up on our information concerning the development plans, we decided to shed some light on what we have cooking. Thanks to your involvement, we created a schedule for the next couple of months. As promised, we’re back with plans for the development of Liberté.

Since there’s still time in December, we will also release a minor patch with a new playable character and a batch of new cards. The new playable character will be Santa’s surprise, though. Maybe you can guess which faction we are thinking about…

We’re also adding some minor bug fixes and an improved deck tutorial. We’ll share the detailed info soon.

Now, let’s move on with the Roadmap!

Roadmap Liberte min 1

Patch 0.14: Liberté story is complete!

We’re pushing ourselves to complete the Story content of the game and, if possible, lock the dialogues and texts so they can be translated next month. This means a LOT of writing and tying loose ends.
Yep, #fingerscrossed!

Kajetan, our number one writer on this one, has even created a map with every single story point leading to another - this occupied half of the floor in his apartment. Maybe one day, we will share the image! The final game will see more than 160 encounters with all the characters. With a few tweaks to the storytelling mechanisms, the flow of the narrative will be more dynamic and throw you right in the middle of the events unraveling.

Patch 0.15: - Lady Bliss final battle & localisation

For those, who will see it through to the end of the revolution, we’re preparing something special.
On second thought, special is probably only one of the words we could use to describe it. It’s also going to be:

Mind-blowing? Probably.
Bizarre? For sure.
Cosmic-horror-body-horror-terrifying? Hell yeah!
Muddy? Wait, what…

Liberté finale will see all of the characters pushed against the wall, in the most turning point since the appearance of Lady Bliss in Paris. Needless to say, you guys will have the final saying in how the story ends - and it’s going to be one tough choice to make.

Aside from that, the translation itself is still an ongoing process – our plan is to collect requests concerning localisations and build a list of languages we should be bringing to you, step by step. Since the decision has not yet been made, you can also help move the needle: If you want to help out, Wishlist our game or join our discord. Each Wishlist includes information on the language (based on location), which adds this valuable information. Also, we will be sending out a survey soon!

Liberte Screenshot 9

Patch 0.16: Final patch before the release

Tick, tock, tick, tock… Time’s getting closer to the release!
Patch 0.16 will be the final patch before the full version arrives. It’s mainly focused on minor game improvements and bug fixes. If you have any suggestions regarding the gameplay or new features, let us know now, so we can evaluate them and prepare a task list to implement the most valid ones in this very patch.

Release Date

This is also the first time we’re talking about the release window. We’re aiming for a Q2/Q3 Full Release, but as you know – based on your feedback and our production plan, this is the perfect spot to fulfill our promises and push Liberte out from Early Access, finalizing the 1.0 version.

That doesn’t mean we’re going to stop there! We have a long list of features we’d like to implement in the game, but right now, we need to focus on delivering the above roadmap. As usual, we thank you for playing, supporting us, and providing feedback.

We’re keen to hear from you, too - share your thoughts about the plans and tell us which update gets you hyped!

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