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A quick look at the various level elements used in our A trail, to make them more challenging and fun for the players.

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Hey Guys!

We previously covered the various art themes used in A Trail. Check out Part 1 & Part 2!

Today we are going to go through the various level elements once will find as they try to clear the game. As in according with the themes and general aesthetics of the game, each theme has their unique level elements barring the first one, Canvas. It's there to serve as more of an introductory level and get the players familiar with the game, as we ramp up the variety and challenge in the later themes.

Well without further ado, lets have a quick look at them!

1) Fading Platforms

In some levels you'll come across platforms that starts to fade as your approach them. Usually craftily placed or in a part of sequence, these platforms represents sequence that you must memorize or at least get familiar with. It has a both a degree of fairness and challenge, as the platforms dont disappear, there are still there present just now viewable to the player.

The player need to be attentive and always on his toes lest he fall to these shady platforms :)

a trail sado gif compressed

2) Falling Drops

Perhaps the most simple yet the most infuriating of all the elements, falling drops have a simple purpose. Just as you're finding your rhythm and mastering the game flow, these drops drop down to put it to test. Adjust, speed up, slow down, there are a plethora of ways to navigate around these drops!

The drops are introduced from Tempo theme onward.

A Trail Tempo gif

3) Tank Top Black Hole

One of the more interesting and rather tricky element. Black holes transport you to different areas of the levels, in a second you can go behind or land out further ahead. However they allow us to by really creative with the level design.

It applies more of a puzzle approach to the levels as you must figure out which hole is leading you where. Which to go in and which to avoid. Moreover the black holes also have their own pull field, so avoiding them isn't so easy when you want to do it intentionaly.

The levels are designed in a way to compliment that, with some of the most memorable sequences in the game! It also adds in to the replay-ability as they ensure there are multiple ways to finish a level!

A Trail S Tempo gif

A Trail S Tempo 2 gif

(Friend or foe? Well they're just innocent little black holes!)

4) Lava

Lava is an element in the game that interacts with the size property. You can traverse them normally in smaller size but if you're bigger than a certain threshold you sink in and die. They are usually accompanied by the steam element.

Found in the final few levels the player can encounter them in the Noir and Amalgamation theme.

a trail lava fall gif

5) Steam

Steam fills in the area directly above lava and it interacts with the jump property and gravity. Both are tweaked to allow longer more floaty jumps covering a bigger arc. Thus it allows you to make jump not possible normally. Lava and steam are always together and thus you must manage both on the go.

Found in the final few levels the player can encounter them in the Noir and Amalgamation theme.

A Trail Noir Gif

Well there we go, that's the quick run down on all the level elements in the game. Next we'll take a look at the different game modes and the hub are in future articles! :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day ahead! Check out the game in action below!


can i join this for free?

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Shunmaru Author

Hey, Sorry I am not sure what you mean by join. If you're referring to whether you can try the game for free, then yes, we will have a freemium version along with the premium version on Mobiles.

For PC we'll have a demo so people can try out the game for free :)

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