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Enter the room and lose yourself into mediums of creativity known to man over ages. The player embarks on a visually delighting, thumb pounding journey, with some casual screaming thrown in between, in a bid to leave behind 'A Trail' of his own.

Post news RSS A look at all the themes in A Trail! (Part One)

Showcasing the various themes used in our game based on its artstyle! :)

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Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share some of the different themes we have based our levels on. The inspiration behind each theme was supposed to an artistic medium or mediums people have used in the past to share stories, art and experiences.

Our art-style is akin to a living painting. Where a moving blob of color paints an exciting portrait. With that in mind we tried reflecting the different medium of creative through that. Including tailoring the music and the level elements to suit the themes!

We'll cover the first four themes today and the remain three on the next article.

Let's have a quick look ^^

1) Canvas

Our main theme, the starting and a close representation of our art vision. Canvas represent paintings, that throughout the history have bought to life variety of art and emotions. The background represents canvas paper whereas the box colors are styled after paint brushes and strokes.

Poster 1

2) Shadow

Based on Fire and shadow and their impact on our mind and imagination. Throughout ages fire and shadow have been used to tell stories, to bless and to warn. for this theme we decided to have a play on vibrant colors with solid black. We keep the box and the platforms black whereas the background and the box's visual feedback (drip and trail) cover very vibrant and soothing colors.


3) Music - Tempo

For this theme we wanted to capture the multitude of feeling that music evokes in us. Our two levels are based on Rhythm and Noise. Where we focus on high paced, fun, pulsing beats while also ramping up the effects and the colors on screen in order to get the feeling of swaying to the tune and also being overwhelmed by it. The level elements, color choices and combo all aim to capture those two extremes. Even the platforms take shape of music bars that correspond to your movement!

Screenshot 25

4) Neon

For Neon we have specific ideas from the start. We love the concept of cold, dark wintery night and bright warm neon light. Both inviting and intimidating at the same time. Playing around with smoke and bright neon edges on a pitch black background, the ever changing colorscape fits right in with allure of the neon lights.

Poster 3

1280 x 720   2

Well that's all I have to share for today. Thanks a lot for taking a look and your time!

If you're interested more about these themes I would love to share! In the next article we'll cover the remaining themes and the final level ^^

P.S: Check em out in action: Youtu.be

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