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We are very pleased to announce the new patch 5.1.33

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Time to get Crafty:

Crafting part 1 Schematic list

With this patch we are exposing our
crafting system for the first time to the users. This is not
completely final, the schematics that are currently released in the
beta are not final they are for testing, and we are very excited to see how
people react to this kind of crafting system.

Let us dive right in! First, I will
introduce our concept of Kits. Kits our devices on the character to
perform special actions like refining, crafting ect... Some Kits
might require you to be around specific objects you have placed in
the world like a refinery. As you can see, you can have your
crafting and refining screen open at the same time.

Now before I talk about the process of
crafting I want to take a moment to explain the system. Our crafting
system is built to be more “Mineral Non-specific.” What that
means is that the cases where you will require a specific resource
like 15 mud or 25 rock are small. Instead each resource is given a
list of hierarchy classifications. An example: Mud is an
Inorganic, Mineral, Ore. This means if the schematic slot asks for
any of these classifications, that any material with those
classifications can be used.

We do understand that this might be a
little confusing at first, but we have taken care to add loads of
information at all points of crafting to help make it clear what your
requirements you need to satisfy to complete a craft. You will also
notice that you have a list of schematics that you know. Without
going into to much detail, you will be able to acquire schematics a
number of ways.

Inside a Schematic

Alright, so lets talk about phase one
of crafting. First you will need to refine a material. Almost all
materials in EoS can be refined. Any time you refine a material,
that stack will be given a unique name and random stats imprinted on
it. These will become more important later in crafting, the
important thing to know is that any time to refine a material it
becomes it's own unique stack.

So you refined some resources, and now
it's time to craft. When you open your crafting kit you will have a
list of the schematics you currently know. Here you can look over
schematic requirements, if the item is stack-able, you can set how
many of the item you want to make before moving to the construction

So now we are in the construction
phase. In this phase you will notice we have some slots for the
refined materials, and then under it we give you another reference of
the schematic requirements, and if you scroll over the box we will
give another tool tip for what is necessary in that slot.

This is where you will then move over
the refined materials you have to meet the requirements.. once you

Advanced Crafting

This is where things start getting a
bit more “advanced.” As your schematics get more advanced, they
will add a 2nd layer of complexity. Below you will notice the same
crafting windows but now there are some more stats shown on the
right. These are now secondary stats that you will see propagate to
a refined resources when you refine. So now you will not only need
to make sure your satisfying the core requirements of the schematic
but hit the secondary requirements as well.

Currently, all schematics that you
start with are for testing and do not completely resemble final
versions. They are ranged from basic simple schematics to complex


I know this is getting a bit into the future, but why not make the schematics more generic? For example, you have pistol, rifle, machine/gattling, and launcher (rocket/torpedo/etc) gun schematics. What kind of weapon you end up with depends on what materials or items you put into the schematic. For example, combining a magnifying lens (or other such item) with a beam generator, or something which generates a beam of energy or light when heated or electrified, and a power source with a strong-enough material and a rifle schematic, and you get a laser rifle! If you want something more than just a single-action laser rifle, you could add an auto-fire chip (or something mechanically-similar for those earlier along in the game) so it automatically fires as long as ammo is available and the fire button is held down, you could craft a scope for the rifle and increase its firing range....

For convenience, when players find a successful combination of schematics, materials, and parts, they'd gain and be able to select a specific schematic for that type of weapon so they can easily make it again. For further convenience, all variants of the weapon (scoped, automatic, high-energy, etc) could be cycled through on specific schematics. I also believe this idea could be applied later to base-building, allowing players to customize their turrets, power supplies, etc to their needs and/or curiosity-fueled whims.

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So refining may result in a case where I am never able to find the needed secondary stats on my refined mineral ? Doesn't sound very appealing to me. Also, what all can crafting achieve, Weapons/gear ?

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Its not diffcult to meet the required secondary stats, later down the road they will be used to determine 'overshot' values to create modified stats on gear.

everything is crafted, weapons, armor, things that you build, special tiles.

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