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Leadwerks Game Engine 4.1 tightens up the graphics with global illumination, reflections, volumetric lighting effects, and enhanced post-processing shaders.

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Leadwerks Game Engine 4.1 is now available on Steam. This release cranks up the already legendary Leadwerks visuals to new levels of awesome.

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Environment Probes

The new environment probe entities can be used to add global illumination and reflections to any scene.

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Volumetric Lighting

Each light in Leadwerks can now display an adjustable volumetric effect using a ray-marching technique to give your game dramatic visuals.

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Enhanced Post-Processing Effects

Leadwerks 4.1 includes new built-in post-process effects including volumetric light scattering and screen-space ambient occlusion. Older effects like bloom have been updated for improved visuals.

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Leadwerks Game Engine is available for purchase on Steam and can be purchased at a discount during the Steam summer sale, for Windows and Linux.

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