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An overview of the latest updates to the game server!

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An overview of the latest updates to the game!

- Released client, updated download link on the website.
- Added Reborn Weapons NPC (4 each class total 12) to /warp home map.
- Added Reborn 1 to 5 Charm Upgrade NPC to /warp home map.
- Added 24 Reborn Armors to an NPC on /warp home map.
- Added 5 new Followers / Pets to HC - General drop list @ 2% rate, good luck!
- Heroes Call War Games script has been added to Aeeria Port!
- Crusader/Guardian + Rogue/Shadow buff spell stats have been increased considerably, and provide an additional 5%/10% drop rate gain to buffed players / self.

I hope these latest additions / changes help, see you in-game!

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