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New ingame video and screenshots showing the latest progress and improvements.

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We've been working really hard on the game lately, and we want to share this information with all of you, so it's time for a new update.

Great gameplay and great graphics should go hand in hand, right? Well, Roland and i think the same way on that topic. That's why we've done plenty of big and small improvements to make this happen, and give the player a really great gaming experience. And, we will continue to do so, making this game as great as possible. ;-)

One of those big improvements, is a complete day/night/weather system that can handle any type of weather at any time of day. From hot and sunny, to grey and rainy, to freezing and snowing, even blizzards or heavy rain with thunderstorms, everything is possible now, giving the player a really great experience! Also, the system can handle triggered events at any time of day/night! Evil monsters can sleep during the day, and wake up at night to hunt you down! ;-)

Another big amelioration is the system that handles new user profiles, keyboard input (to assign keys to different actions inside the game) and ingame help. Each player can create his own profile and edit/save or delete it. This system also handles current state of game progress (health/stamina values, checkpoints, inventory, etc...) per user. If you forgot which key is assigned to which action, you can bring up the help menu at any time during gameplay. Very handy! ;-)

Our main character Celly has also gone through some big changes/upgrades! She has been redesigned completely (new look, improved texturing/rigging) and a combat system has been added to her arsenal to conquer the bad guys! She can now kick and punch, her magic wand can serve as a melee weapon, a magic scepter, and also as a torch or lamp! Very handy for those dark and gloomy moments in the game! ;-)

The Frosty spell effect also has a boost. And more cool effects are being worked on. We're also working hard on getting the magic spell system optimized.
Also a big improvement on the visuals using color correction curves. The game now has a very nice dark, mysterious, fantastical, dangerous and magical look, enhancing the game experience. :)

We've also added the first puzzles/obstacles and are working hard on getting new, original ones in. Some of the puzzles require skill/timing/reaction, while others require you to think. Indiana Jones movies are a great inspiration for some of the puzzles in Seventh Crystal Of Theia. And, platform puzzles.

A game without sound/music would be dull, don't you agree? Therefore, we're working on creating our own sounds and music, making the game even better!
We use FL Studio, Audacity and our own instruments to create or record our own sounds/music.

There were also many more smaller changes/polishments, too many to list actually. But overall, they make the whole game run smoother and ameliorate the gameplay and graphics.

We have a bunch of new screenshots AND a new video showing most of the new progress i've discussed just now. We really hope you'll like it, and hope to hear your thoughts! Also, spread the word (twitter, google+, facebook, etc...), please! We need your help to get the word around, and make this game better and better! Your comments are important! Many many thanks! :)

Latest progress - ingame showcaseLatest progress - ingame showcaseLatest progress - ingame showcaseLatest progress - ingame showcaseLatest progress - ingame showcaseLatest progress - ingame showcaseLatest progress - ingame showcaseLatest progress - ingame showcaseLatest progress - ingame showcaseLatest progress - ingame showcase
Latest progress - ingame showcase

SAPPO_3D - - 24 comments

Your really hard work is quite visible in the ingame teaser video.. I really liked the music,atmosphere,changing weather system, character and even the menu . Greaaat JOB , when there are only 2 people are involved with a very low budget. I will definitely try to spread words about your efforts through my facebook profile . . . MY BEST WISHES FOR YOU . . :)

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ChrisVW Author
ChrisVW - - 43 comments

Your support and great comments are highly appreciated, SAPPO_3D! :)
This will motivate us even more to make the game better and better. Many thanks!

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GreenForest - - 426 comments

The mass of new age are grooving.

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