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Closing in to the launch of the demo! Current status and future plans.

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Hi guys,

For this update we have exciting news on the sound implementation part.
We have lots of new sounds in the game that give life to the multiple enemies and also create atmosphere. When the demo will be out, we will require your feedback regarding the sound quality, volume and relevancy.

There is still a small bug where the attack sound for the Demented Hulk is not playing properly and also a minor triggering issue for the environmental sound.

Also we added other small elements that will make the demo more interesting but at the same time it will also make it different compared to the final game. We added ammo spawner (in the final game ammo will be very scarce and hidden throughout the level) in order to give the player the chance to quickly jump back in the fight. Also, we will add a small score system, that will be tied to a competition. The top three players that have the highest scores will win a copy of the game (with steam key as well), but more on that in the next updates.

You will notice also the new damage effects (camera shacking and video texturing). The idea behind them is to increase the tension when fighting and, for a second, even adding difficulty in keeping visual contact with the enemy. Let us know what you think about the effects. Are they too much?

We also did a lot of optimization (take a look at the frame rate in the video). We are running Fraps, plus the game at maximum settings on a three years old system. Of course there is still work to do with the AI (sometimes it acts dumb for no apparent reason, but ironically it seems to be because of the large open space of the Arena).

For the next update we will have the sounds ready(ish) and add even more elements to the demo level in order to have at least 15 minutes of gameplay that it will also be found in the final game.

The video for this update:

Thanks a lot for joining in this week and don't forget to track the game if you like it:

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