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One of the first events of the Infetic World (ingame) Every week

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The madness has affected all humanity, but not as much as others...

There will be an npc called ''nonamed'' the worst crazy survivor, who created a lot of new different Infetics and infections, he got a lot of experiments, those experiments are on his coliseum.

-The coliseum is placed randomly every week, where a lot of survivors go to get new items for free.

-You will be against 50 survivors and all the horrors created by ''nonamed''

-The last alive in the coliseum gets...
Everything from the other survivors
Life increase
New items from nonamed
Experience of the npc nonamed

hey! it won't be easy to be part of those 50 survivors…

On the way to go there you have to survive running long distances, and keep in mind you are not the only one who wants to be part in the coliseum.

''The risk is on the road to get there''.

Watch for new events soon on these artivles!
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