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The major Last Mortem update of this year was released! Jump to the battlefields of Last Mortem and experience the new content!

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Greetings to everyone!
The major update of 2021 is here in the form of the new patch!

Full Changelog:
- New Main Menu UI
- New Login Menu UI
- New HUD UI
- Fixed Regions panel size
- Fixed End game score for hosters and clients
- Removed Killstreak button
- Fixed Gun Race HUD Font
- Fixed Log of connection
- Fixed Armory close button
- Fixed Voting menu bug
- Added Fast-Join Bug solution
- Fixed Inventory loading times
- Fixed Muzzleflash bug
- Added new 3D models for RPD, some magazines
- Added Leaderboards
- Added Extended Store with the new buying system
- Added Forgot Password Button
- Added small objects to Stormy Bay, Favela, Sand Storm maps
- Fixed Project 1143 water bug
- Fixed Recoil bug
- Fixed Loading background bug
- Added new Stats panel
- Added Bandito S, M16 SpecOps S, G, Americano B, S, G, AKM, AK12G, ACR G. VSVAL G, AK105 B, G, AK Dragon
- Many different UI fixes
- Collider fixes in Oil Rig

The first thing that you can notice when you launch the game is the new UI. We completely redesigned the in-game UI to make it more attractive and simple. Changes can be found in the Main Menu and also in HUD.

New UI

The Main Menu now includes the redesigned and fully extended Store, where you can buy more than 70 weapons. The Store is divided into 4 categories, assault, support, sniper, and others. The others include secondary, melee, and demolition weapons and in the following patches, it will include also upcoming chests, characters, and items. Weapons in the Store are from various categories with different prices.

New Store

The redesigned menu now includes leaderboards. Finally, you can compete with other players for better in-game statistics. The menu features 4 different leaderboards for XP, Level, Kills, and Wins.

New Leaderboards

We also added a new Stats panel where you can see all your stats in one place.

The login menu now includes the player-wanted forgot password button, finally, you can reset your password without the need of contacting us. Once you click this button you will receive an email with a reset link from PlayFab. Please make sure to check also your spam folder if you won't receive the reset email.

We added 13 new weapons, most of them are premium ones. Many weapons have now changed stats, some received new models and animations. The future patches will receive even more weapons, we are close to having 100 playable weapons in the game. Some of the weapons cannot be dropped on death on the battlefield anymore. We made this change to make some weapons rarer and also to make battlefields not very flooded.

13 new weapons

The update comes also with a small event, you can now play on our winter map - Winter Mansion. This event will last one week, so let's enjoy the gameplay on this map as a celebration of the end of summer! The Winter Mansion map will be again available in December.

Winter Mansion map is back

And those are the main things that are new in the game! Small patches are planned for September and October, they will include more frequent events and more buyable content so stay updated!

Thank you for your attention, make sure to check out the newest update and we hope you will like it!

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