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Post news RSS Last Mortem ALPHA 1.2.1 was released

A new patch with tons of new content was released and is now available for the public!

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we've just released new patch ALPHA 1.2.1! This patch comes with some great new stuff! The detailed report can be found here: Jurajhusek.wixsite.com

Firstly, we are announcing that the following week will be Triple XP week! What does that mean? You will collect 30 XP for each kill so you can reach new levels faster and unlock the weapons faster!

The second big thing is Special Offer that includes 3 special weapons - M16A4, AKS-74uS, and Phantom!

We also added a new Rare hidden weapon - Fork (melee weapon) to one map of Last Mortem. The new update also includes 6 new characters - Spetsnaz, Brazilian Special Forces, Czechoslovak soldier, US Desert soldier, Navy Seal, and West German soldier! We fixed many bugs, added new content, and changed a few things.

This patch is planned to be available for 1 week (5/29/2020 - 6/5/2020).

Don't waste your time, jump into the battlefields of Last Mortem, collect, destroy, and play like a Legends!

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