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Last 48h to fund Find The Cat and changelog. After this deadline, it will not be possible anymore.

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Last 48h to back Find The Cat on Kickstarter.

This is the last chance to fund Find The Cat. Past that deadline, it will not be possible anymore.
So if you like cats, you can be a backer here : Kickstarter link.

As for the changelog :

Changelog :
- wind sounds (and fog sphere) on the roof. handled the sound transition.
- smooth music transition to the end.
- added end music.
- end music toggles on when you've collected all the cats (but not before).
- end portal switches on when all cats are collected.
- end logo credit with fade in and back to main menu.
- added "thanks for playing" at the end.
- added the launch sequence.
- pause menu upgrade : the buttons and the cat previews are now more appealing shapes.
- new artwork for the game. It is mainly black and white now, which I think give a better indication of the atmosphere of the game. The small capsule (the small image in the search bar or in "more like this") is still the same for now.


bugfixes :
- fixed a bug that made the player able to open the pause menu in the main menu and all hell let loose.
- fixed a bug that made the first click on launch not work.
- fixed a bug where the pink cat would not work in the pause menu.
- fixed a bug making the pawsplosion in the starting sequence the wrong color for blue and green cat.


Have a good day, and take care.
- Quentin

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