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Another couple of weeks have passed and I wanted to show you some updates on KozmicBlue. Click to see what is new.

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Much has happened under the hood again as I worked on collisions and some physics related stuff on enemies. At one point Kozmic was falling through enemies and then they would throw him in a random direction. At first I thought it was cool, but it did not follow the original game mechanic so it was removed. Instead, Kozmic now bounces off enemies as you would expect.

If you want to skip this and just play the game, you have some choices below


Kozmic Blue Alpha 4 for Windows


Weekly Update

Level Editor Updates!

Added a lot of things to the editor to work better with the game. For example, there is a new property editor for the Level itself to allow the designer to change the name, title, timer. Many bug fixes were also made. In addition each brush now has an event on startup to allow me to set other properties of the objects in the designer that could not be done before. As a result it is more robust and easier to add new brushes and functionality of brushes. This was used for the Door Triggers to animate and color them on the scene.

Some designer tools have also been added. The Eraser (which is SLOW) and the Rectangle and Filled Rectangle are completed. None of these new tools is very efficient, but they work for now until I tweak the code a little (or a lot).

Colors. Look at all the pretty colors available for Blocks now. Its like having a huge sprite editor.

Weekly Update

Game Updates!

More levels! There are now 15 levels to play (there were 40 in the original). All of these levels are "close" to the original game. Some levels have been tweaked, and some are still under development. The beta release will have at least 25-30 levels done. I might also send some updates as well during the next week or so.

Door Trigger is looking much cooler now!

The Score summary is coming along nicely. All the "math" for adding players score is done. All that is left is showing score animations, and storing the score of the player locally, and in the cloud on Scoreoid.

Weekly Update

What Next?

  • More Levels
  • Transporters
  • Better Doors :)
  • Quit Button :)
  • Hiscores

Till Next Time

- sPoCkEr2 -

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