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A K'nossos Collaborators diary. This is the first of an occasional series which is all goes to plan with tell the story of a game from it's first public exposure through to release

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Hi folks, during previous projects I have always written a developers diary, as much to remind myself of how I have spent my time, as for any other purpose. With K'NOSSOS, this hasn't been the case, I suspect that this decision was not driven by the thought that my powers of recall have improved.

So by way of introduction I am going to talk briefly about K'NOSSOS and and a little bit about myself. K'NOSSOS is a point and adventure game, set in the far future or the distant past. The game opens with the awakening of the lone passenger on a massive colonization ship.


I was lucky enough to see some early examples of the art-work for this project, and I could see that there was something different, possibly even unique about the game. I got in touch with the creator Nikola and he shared his vision and his story, and I thought we have a winner here. We corresponded for a few weeks, exchanging ideas, and then I was delighted when Nikola asked me to be a collaborator.

My background is that I have been in the "serious" software industry for 30 years, I have worked in a range of different roles from Developer, through to a Senior Manager CEO. For much of the latter period I was involved in defense and security projects, and so can justifiably claim, to have done the "real" whilst you folks are playing with the virtual.

I have always loved point n click games, from the early Sierra titles, through to the modern interpretations such as Broken Sword. For a game to work for me, it needs not only to have playability, but great art work, sound, music an above all a consistent story. In an nutshell it's about being immersed in the game.

So where are we with K'NOSSOS. We are putting together an early release demo to give people a view of the product, hopefully this will start a dialogue informing the final product. Our target is to have this available some time in January.

Thanks for reading, more in due course!

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