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I've been super burnt out form working so I needed to make new plans...

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I probably should've asked someone to help me out with the levels in this mod, because it's taken the life outta me. I feel super burnt out from working on it to the point where when I start to add things I feel like I'm forcing myself to work on it and I feel like shit. Originally I planned on releasing it before Amnesia: Rebirth and in a way I do plan on doing that; however, it's sort of a last minute choice that makes me very disappointed. I'll be releasing the mod episodically sort of, Chapter 1 will release on October 1st, Chapter 2 will release later in October so probably Halloween which is perfect. And Chapter 3 is in an awkward situation, I had a plan for Chapter 3 but now I have new plans for it. Chapter 3 will be it's own shorter mod for Amnesia: Rebirth. What I was trying to make originally either was possible but really hard to make, or impossible on the limited HPL2 version of the engine; although now that Frictional Games has made Amnesia open source it's probably possible to make. But seeing the new Amnesia: Rebirth trailer has made me want to make Chapter 3 in that because what Frictional showed off was pretty much exactly what I wanted to make for the final chapter.

So the plan is-

Release Chapter 1 on October 1st.

Release Chapter 2 on Halloween after I've had a break and some time to regain my energy to work on something Amnesia.

Wait a while.

Release Chapter 3 some time in 2021.

After Chapter 2 is finished I plan on going back to other projects in the meantime to take another break, cuz It's going to take more than a month to regain my passion and energy to work on this project even if it's in a different version of the engine. I'm not burnt out from other projects though, it's quite the opposite. I really want to get back to work on SCP - The Dark Confinement Mod, and also of course It Came From The 80's.

Thank you for reading, stay safe, and have a great day. <3


If you want to make mods for Amnesia: Rebirth, you should get familiar with the modding workflow, especially the scripting.

The modding for Amnesia: Rebirth is going to be very similar to SOMA, so I suggest you go to the Frictional Wiki and read the SOMA modding and scripting documentation until the game comes out.

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=RetroTree= Author

For sure, I'll definitely do that, thanks for the suggestion!

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This is not bad news at all. I know this struggle all too well after like 8 mods in amnesia, and i delayed my own release because of amnesia rebirth, to see the assets and the possibilities in there. This is minor delay only also, just keep on going in your own pace!

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=RetroTree= Author

This makes me feel a lot better better about the whole thing. Thanks! And yeah to see all of the new stuff in Rebirth is amazing and I can't wait to see what that game has to offer.

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