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KiraImmortal (formerly GreenTechB) - Contact || PM or kiraimmortalhu at gmail.com
|| Discord: KiraImmortal#3097 (better to introduce yourself here to point out where i might know you from) || Youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/KiraImmortalHu
|| Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/kiraimmortal

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If you ever feel like supporting me with anything for my upcoming projects, here's a Ko-fi link for you!

I'm doing modding for my own and others' entertainment, but i wanted to do this for a while, and since i officially returned to modding this year, felt like it's the right time to do so. Still new to this, any kind of suggestions are welcome, i'll update the page as we go, even come up with subscriber rewards at some point.

Thank you for stopping by, even more so if you decide to support me.

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