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Kickstarter faild earlier this month and now it's time to take a short resumee and give a look in the futur and what's the result of the failed Kickstarter campaign.

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The original plan was to collect 7500$ by Kickstarter to finialize this game. This didn't work out well and showed me where I need to improve - marketing and working with the press. Each failure is a great lesson to learn from, I learned a lot and will use this new knowledge in the future! But the missing money will have an effect on this game, let's see what they are.

The missing money has to be compensated in some way, and there are two different ways to approach it.

  1. Stick to the original plan and do it anyway in the same time with less quality.
  2. Modify the original plan and do it in the same time with high quality.

Guess what, approach 1 is worst case and should not happen in any case, so variant 2 is the way to go. And here is it, short an clean:

  • The Mission Editor (Mod Tools) from the stretch goals won't be released and worked on, only if the game sell's extremly well and the request for such a tool is high enough.
  • some 3D models that where planned to be reworked will stay as they are or will only be partly reworked.
  • The story will be a bit shorter with only 8 instead of 10 missions, while the last mission (8) will be the size of 2 missions. Which means there are theoretically 9 Missions instead of 10.
  • There will be only 2 of the planned 4 quick missions at launch, the missing 2 will be released after the release for free if the game is selling good enough.
  • The price will drop from 24,99$ to 18,99$

These cut's and changes are required to deliver a great game. I think all agree that 8 awesome, well made story missions are way better then 10 missions with anverage quality.

The planned release will stay at Q1 2017!

I started to work very hard with this new plan in my mind. You follow the progress on this weekly updated roadmap:

One thing that I improved the last days based on the alpha demo feedback was the recoil and the weapon handling.

As you can see, the recoil is a lot more smooth and controllable, the gun is no more jumping around and the new recoil implementations allows a more defined and different recoil for all weapons. Besides that the recoil is more visible on the gun model it self (Animation).

Also the viewmodel has been changed to a more common viewmodel.


That sounds like a good idea. Keep up the good work. I was debating about starting a kickstarter as well.

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The silencer is a bit too slow and off sync with the sound. The recoil/drawback should be a little bit faster, but all in all its pretty good.

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