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We're into Part 1's third week after release and I can't thank you all enough for the kind messages, comments and Let's Plays! 🙂 It's been really lovely getting a few glimpses into your experiences with the game.

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Hello everyone!

We're into Part 1's third week after release and I can't thank you all enough for the kind messages, comments and Let's Plays! 🙂 It's been really lovely getting a few glimpses into your experiences with the game.

There have been a few minor bugs which I tried to address as soon as possible with a bugfix updates. These things just happen no matter how lengthy your testing phase might be and overall I'm quite happy and proud of my testing team that we had no major issues. But if you're experiencing issues or need help progressing, consider joining our Discord (link). There's a help section there with loads of friendly folk willing to help 🙂

Onto updates on Numina Part 2 which is planned to be released near the end of this year. The exact release date & pricing isn't set yet because I'm still working on Part 2 and it's not yet in the testing phase. Part 1 is around 2/3 of the game with Part 2 containing the last third which should also give you a rough idea on expected playtime & pricing range 🙂

As I already explained before, I decided to not release the full game at once because some betatesters felt the later stages of the game felt rushed. Even though it put me into a bit of a dilemma I had to agree with them.

So while I was also fixing some post-release bugs on Part 1, I also kept working on Part 2! It will begin with a different, fun little interactive recap of Part 1 to freshen up your memory once it releases. There are a lot of important plot beats along the way and I wanted to give players the chance to jump right into Part 2 even if their playthrough of Part 1 has been a few months ago.

ℹī¸ If you want to go into Part 2 completely spoiler free I'd suggest to skip the next indented section. There are only minor notions of what might await you and no concrete story points.

Another big topic I wanted to delve deeper into were the rebels. We get a few glimpses of them in Part 1. They were already playing a bigger role in Part 2 but I originally cut some bigger parts out which I'm now adding back in & extending. Part 2 will contain new places which previously were only mentioned in dialogue. I won't be giving away where exactly the journey is headed, but I'd love to hear what corners of Alterna you'd like to see in Part 2 😁🏝ī¸

No spoilers from here 👋

A big undertaking with Part 2 are the repercussions from player decisions in Part 1. If you played Part 1 I'm sure you can think of at least one decision that has a big impact on the plot. From a developer perspective this is a bit of a nightmare because in Part 2, basically every cutscene has at least one variation and it gets even worse the later on 😂 Even though many these changes might seem small it's still a lot of effort even just to test all these plot branches.

I mentioned this only getting worse (for me) as Part 2 progresses but another important bit are the multiple endings where things really drift off in different directions. I'm planning on extending most of the endings to hopefully make each ending feel distinct and a worthy conclusion even if it's a bad or dark ending for the story.

What's a bit hard for me to accept is that there's a lot of effort on my side which you might not even get to see if you only play the game once. There might be compilation videos of the endings somewhere on Youtube but some people might just look at the average playtime and not really value that there's a lot of additional content you just don't get with a single playthrough.

Overall I'm working hard on polishing things up, adding more character moments, creating new locales such as dungeons or towns, exploring the lore and adding some interesting new fights ⚔ī¸ I hope you're as excited for Part 2 as I am and I hope I will be able to soon share some more content with everyone 🙂

Have a good time and see you soon!

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