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Radiating Warm Greetings! Strategy Mill announces the launch party of our Cold War Title, Kickstarter Campaign, set for March 30, 2016!

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Radiating Warm Greetings! Strategy Mill announces the launch party of our Cold War Title, Kickstarter Campaign, set for March 30, 2016!

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Our aspiration is to put the strategic power into your hands and let you command and wrestle with the large-scale challenges of our recent history. We love strategy games, and making a Cold War game means that it is vital to get the most knowledgeable developers in that historical era, and by recruiting BL-Logic, we have done exactly that. Exquisite visual experiences are being done by our industry veteran partners, ScribblePad Studios (USA), and Polywick Studios (Singapore). [Previous developments including League of Legends, Magic the Gathering, Gears of War, City of Heroes, Uncharted 2, The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Titanfall].

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Like a time machine, we let you experience the struggles of the past, and that means enabling you to:

  • Command the most authentic Cold War simulator and balance on the brink of mutual assured destruction.
  • All aspect strategic warfare - economic, intelligence, diplomacy and military combat.
  • Fight in plausible events and with era-specific decisions.
  • Make use of historical leaders and individuals.
  • Wipe your enemy from the face of the earth by racing to expand the missile gap for a favorable first strike.

Video game design can be a secretive business, but unlike the era portrayed, you’ll be provided with a front-row seat in this major Cold War strategy game development project. The decision-making is in our mind. The key is making you feel history come alive. We feel that it’s a creative freedom we don’t want the players to have to compromise on. Thus, Strategy Mill, will be the first as a strategy game studio, aiming to fully finance a Cold War game with a Kickstarter campaign and make all development in the public eye.

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Genre: Turn-Based Strategy

Release date: Late Q2 2016

Platform: Windows, Mac

Developed by: Strategy Mill AB

Published by: Strategy Mill AB

Stay tuned for more information!

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