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It's final! After 5 years in development, jMonkeyEngine 3 is officially stable. Although the engine has been rock solid for quite some time now, we finally grasped the opportunity give it the label it deserves.

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Introducing "Capuchin Prime"

Technically version 3.0.5, this lovable capuchin marks the end of an era for us. What started as what some might've thought was an April fool's joke quickly made other monkeys curious and before long, "jMonkeyEngine 3.0" was the talk of the jungle. There must have been some truly tasty bits in there, because the project just kept attracting one crazy talented primate after the other, and suddenly we were a proper little family (warts and all!), in a tribe of exceptional contributors committed to be part of the pack, through good and bad.

When we released our first alpha back in June 2010, we definitely weren't saying amongst ourselves "wohoo! only 4 years to go!". However:

  • Development never stopped
  • New contributors kept coming
  • More games got made
  • And it amounted to one heck of an impressive conclusion.

It's all semantics really. The project has been quite darn stable ever since our first beta release. We could have easily slapped the "Stable" sticker on it then - we chose to do it now. Why? Because bananas. Life. People switching jobs, taking the leap into indie, relatives passing, babies being born (and conceived; high five!)... But we've finally run out of excuses, and now so have you: It's time to make that game!

Download it now, it's free!

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