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Happy to announce Jeklynn Heights will be launched on Steam Early access May 25th.

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Store Page: Store.steampowered.com

In about one week, we'll be officially launching the Early Access phase for Jeklynn Heights. We're extremely excited to begin this journey with you guys, and more importantly, have the opportunity to collaborate.

Jeklynn is an entirely self-funded title made over the course of many years by a team of indie developers. What you'll be playing is a small snapshot of what this game could be with additional funding, updated technology, and a bigger team. We've created an atmospheric multiplayer environment with quirky characters, a brilliant soundtrack, competitive combat, and fast-paced objectives.

Official development started in 2010 when we opted to use the Unreal Development Kit. The majority of our art assets were created prior to Unreal Engine 4 being announced. If our Early Access phase is successful, our top priority is moving to UE4. From there, we'll work on optimizations, re-created art assets, a lot more content, and competitive/clan/matchmaking support. Improvements will be 100x easier and streamlined using new technology supported by a great company and community.

Lastly, I want to stress our commitment to this community. A successful title on Early Access happens when developers maintain transparency, honesty, and communication with their community. This game has been in development for almost 7 years, and what kept us afloat was our passion coupled with the support from those that followed us. I look forward to working with everyone here on shaping this game's future.

We shall be squashing bugs together soon enough!


Holy crap, I thought you guys had stopped development for good

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RyanWenke Author

It's been long - but the key is never give up! Hope you consider giving us a try next week :)

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After all these years I might as well!

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Love to see you are still "at it" and going to release a game.

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