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A new Game Over screen, Goblin units redesign and more!

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0.0.18 [25.01.2016]


  • Portals to different enemy types are now unlocked for testing purposes.
  • Player units no longer can move freely after clearing a stage.


  • Added a game over screen.
  • Added speech support for units.
  • Minitips are shown less.


  • AI units are more likely to attack ranged units than melee units.
  • Goblins have been redesigned.
  • Units on Marked tiles take 50% more damage from all sources.


  • Marks an enemy tile.
  • Summons an Auto-Turret.


  • Deals ranged damage.
  • Destroys an empty Marked tile.


  • Damages an enemy and heals that amount.


  • Now steals Gold equal to the damage dealt instead of a Shard


  • Deals ranged damage.
  • Marks an enemy tile.

Bug Fixes

  • The Small Health Potion is no longer selected by default.
  • Banshees can now move when trapped.
  • The Move skill is no longer automatically selected when using Matter Switcher or Mixer Upper.
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