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A rather large update with new enemies, tweaks and improvements! Cleaning up before beta.

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0.0.17 [12.01.2016]


  • Added mini tips to highlight points of interest.
  • Players can choose 2 items before a new game instead of 1.
  • New Main Menu and Options assets.
  • Added new Blessings:
    • Leader: If you have a full team, deal 30% more damage.
    • Commander: Your maximum team count is 4 instead of 3.
    • Sadist: Whenever an Ally dies, heal 30% life.
    • Fool Hardy: You take 50% less damage while below half health but 30% more damage if above it.


  • Marked tiles are now no longer consumed by Goblin abilities.
  • After 25 Stages, 3 Bosses are spawned instead of 2. Hard mode!
  • Add new boss: Goliath Siblings.
  • Added new Units
    • Goblin Mechanic: Summons Turrets that Mark tiles.
    • Goblin Bruiser: Heals self and Slows units on Marked tiles.


  • Pummel 35% chance to Stun instead of 25%.
  • Concussion also adds a +15% chance for Pummel to Stun.
  • Blood Ritual now heals 50% of damage and heals allies instead of 30%.
  • Cornered now requires 3 enemies instead 4 to get the 50% damage bonus.
  • Brawl has a 35% to Stun instead of 50% chance to Slow.


  • Ignite increases chance to burn by 25%.
  • Ground Freeze has a 50% Slow chance instead of 70%.


  • Judge deals 100% more damage to Undead instead of 50%.


  • Ring of Expulsion no longer requires a Shard.
  • Bandage 30% health instead of 20%.
  • Shiny Mirror no longer requires a Shard.

Bug Fixes

  • Bosses now properly drop portal items.
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