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New species for the game as well as a new boss and mini boss! Surely something to get excited about :)

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Jack Bones Shards of Memory Dev Log #4

Hey everyone! It's me again! Since my last post I have been working on a game jam (Lowrez Jam 2020) as the sole programmer for Jack Bones this means I don't have anything to show for new game play (😔) but that doesn't mean progression hasn't happened! 😁😁

New Species and a redesign!


Spirit Species

The first image is the new pumpkin-kin base! Redesigned by the original artist (my brother) with new techniques and tricks he's picked up along the way. It looks -beautiful- now, but he still intends to give it more of a mouth (for a big ol smiles 😀). The second image in this set is actually from a new entry to our pixel artist team (And he's the first non-family team member) the species is called... Spirit! The pixel artist? He calls himself Spirit! (Ikr, the irony.)

New Boss, Mini-Boss, and Enemy


Hell Hound

Ice Spirit

These next three are also all done by the new artist spirit! The first one is the boss Cerberus (Can't you tell 😆) while the second entry is the Mini Boss Hell Hound. With the final testimony to our pixel artist spirits skill is... The Ice Spirit! A standard mob type of the ice element!

I hope you enjoy the post! Until next time.


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