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Let's talk about items! I talk about the first 3 items that are introduced to the player!

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I talked about the Undead units last time but as I still need to finish off the Goblin sprites, I'm going to talk about the items in the game!

Items are a way of further customising a play-through and offer an incentive to keep playing. The player can choose any item they have previously found to help them out before they begin a game. Items are randomly dropped from enemies.

The first 3 items are unlocked from the start and have very different uses.

ab Informative Pocket Owl ab Rat Tooth ab Bandage

Video Walk-Through of Starting Items

Break Down

Informative Pocket Owl

Informative Pocket Owlgif

The Informative Pocket Owl targets a nearby enemy and shows the player information about it. This is equipped by default so newer players can understand the enemies more quickly but it can be swapped for something more "useful" if the player is comfortable with how everything works.

Rat Tooth

Rat Toothgif

The Rat Tooth summons either a Rat or a Rat Mage randomly. It enables players to experiment with builds that revolve around having a team. For example, players might want to take on a more supporting role with the Cleric's Heal spell to keep their team alive more effectively.

This is just an introduction item; there are more summoning items the player can find.



The Bandage is a relatively weak healing item but it can heal allies as well as yourself. It offers some survivability until better items are discovered.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more information on items, the Barbarian class and the Goblin units!

If you'd like to try out the game, you can play for free in browser or sign up for the android alpha testing for automatic updates!

Jaggy Battles Alpha Build 16

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