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Post news RSS It has been a CRAZY week!

Last week was a crazy week for I Am Alone, we are excited to tell you about all the progress!!

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Hello Zeds!

It has been a crazy week here at Four Horsemen Studios! I think as for the coming weeks we need to take a breather. MAYBE GO SEE THE LOCAL DRUM CORP INTERNATIONAL SHOW at UCM Thursday!

Well is there a better place to start than the most stressful thing on our mind.
"The Real Life" Survival Hoard map, will not be released with build v0.0.0.1.

All of our Pre-Alpha Testers have received their email with the Pre-Alpha info. We want to get build v0.0.0.1 to them as soon as possible. In order to get the Map in playable condition may take months... (This is because each house is being built individually) However the upside to this is that we will be adding two Hoard Maps to make up for the lack of Survival Hoard Map(or mode for that matter)! We hope you understand that this is to make the game as amazing as possible and not one of those rushed games you see a lot, we want everything to be perfect for you!

What is next!? Right Light Mapping!

Light Mapping has been proved to be a relativity easy task! the Unity lighting tools makes everything go a lot faster! What I had originally thought would take several weeks ended up only taking a few days!

Take A Look!

Light Mapping

Light Mapping

We hope to have a playable version for Pre-Alpha testers by next week!

Jake Lineberry (Project Director)
Four Horsemen Productions

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