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Version 1.6 and 1.7 development in the next year and what it means for Iron Fist!

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Iron Fist 1.6. This will be revamped with several new features from Red Eclipse 1.4 and expand upon the current features as well. New map updates will also be released with some key feature concepts:

Bullet physics is currently being looked into by a developer from The Intercooler Games. Once it can be added Cure Productions will be revamping its physics system in Iron Fist for more dynamics in game. This is the main goodie and won't be in for 1.6 but most likely a version before 1.7 if everything goes well.

Armor packs such as vests, helmets, and leg plates will be added for the first time in Iron Fist using the Red Eclipse engine! Due to Quintons amazingly well coded Vanity system! Another cool addition will be that once a specific armor patch receives enough damage, it will fall off and become a projectile!

The jet pack will also be added for any game type as an in-game pickup! It will function like a weapon in respect to picking it up and dropping it, and will keep a set amount of fuel in reserve, so you can save some for later! Since you can drop it you could pass it to friends as well. If a player is hit critically in the back while wearing the jet pack they will explode, whereas if in flight critical hits may be more frequent. The damage caused by an exploding jet pack will be defendant on the fuel left over. If there is a full tank an instant kill is more likely whereas little to no fuel wouldn't be as lethal.

A new idea is to allow weapon passing directly to players. Since there is already a set limit to your carry ons when a friend passes a weapon you would be subject to a menu for dropping a weapon or to pass one back. Another idea is to pass the weapon and throw it to the player, but have them pick it up by will. I think that method would be best for intense fire fights where you may be too busy to risk death for an interruption caused by the passing of a weapon.

Another pickup being added will be one of the easiest and is the Invisibility Cloak. This will have an almost invisible effect on the player, but will most likely show up when the player is surrounded in fog or other particle effects. AI Bots will be set to only notice the player in certain circumstances or when they have a large enough IQ. If a player is in the process of firing a weapon or reloading any AI near enough can find them by sound. Also the faster a player moves the less their invisibility! So try not to move too much!

One mod that is specially looked forward to is the Viscous System. This awards players Viscous to their meter until max with each kill. Deaths award more than kills while suicides reduce Viscous. Once the meter maximizes, the player experiences full Rage Mode. You will be able to do all the impulse actions plus more! Including wall sprints and kicks, and fancy melee actions you will be able to run faster, have twice the stamina and jump higher! There is one draw back, that I'm considering making the player weaker or no effect on health.

An Agility pickup will allow the player to have impulse actions for a limited time.

Additional pickups will include:

Smoke Screen: a smoke grenade that ejects smoke for a period of time before a small detonation.

Flare Gun: One flare per pickup. Pickups will be around team held flags similar to Sauerbraten and only accessible to that teams players. No spawn points to set for this.

Iron Fist (Pickup): similar to quad damage. If picked up within its first min of spawning it will give a player 2x damage increase. If picked up between 2-5 mins of spawning it will give the player a 3x damage increase. After 5 mins it will give a 4x damage increase. Each for a limited time.

The 1.6 Version for Iron Fist should be expected to be released by July 2013.

donnelly517 - - 20 comments

Sounds like 1.6 will be great. I've got no problem with the wait because it should be the best release yet :). I'm looking forward to the viscous system in particular.

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Tempris Author
Tempris - - 113 comments

Thanks Donnelly! It will definitely need some help! I really need some models for the game! I hate having all the Red Eclipse models. Given I could have some use I'd cube models I'd rather have some replacements.

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Tempris Author
Tempris - - 113 comments

June will be focused on using Red Eclipse 1.4 as its new base to port things over. If things work out then we should see Iron Fist get its first multiplayer server running, and hopefully it's first real website! After June July will be spent adding the new features mentioned! I'm so exited!

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Tempris Author
Tempris - - 113 comments

Development is 50% completed! There's a long way but this will pave the way for not only Iron Fist, but for emerging game projects as well! Using an updated Cube Engine 2, Iron Fist will provide more mapping support for map development and include expanded lighting features and new entities to spice up some of the games functions.

New map entities:

dodamage: damages or heals player based on amount and interval

teleport: add variable for map changing and destination within new map load

gravity: changes player gravity based on proximity, distance and strength of field that dissipates based on an interval variable.
Gravity can be used as a push or a pull if you want a shockwave effect or not.

Lights: given a new variable to toggle different types of flares for visual appearance.

Maps will be given a new area variable that allows makers to set defined zones in 3D that let's us define the area name, and area in all 3 dementions .
The new area variables will also have the option to include an image sample to display with the name of the area.

Draw distance will be based on how effeciently The map works. If the game tends to experience low fps over a given period of time it will reduce draw distance to run smoothly. This allows the game to be "smart" about your computers performance.

All these updates will be featured in several other game projects by Cure Productions and Intercooler Games! Looking forward to the new development!

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