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So this is when I formorly announce that the development has been slowed and the release has been delayed. Yes, I know, I have been lookign forward to the release myself.

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Only problem is that I havent had much help. Its not anyone's fault, its just that the game has become too much. Now you might say or ask "How can that be?" Well, let me explain. Once something new is added to the game it usually brings about a ton of changes also. On top of that as is, I am terrible about adding one new thing to the game and taking off with exterimenting on a ton of new things, many I have wanted for a while.

For example: why is it that sound is the same volume when its behind a wall? why do explosions always sound just a loud? Why doesnt the HUD begin to flicker durring low health? and why does blood not splatter on the screen in a close kill? Why doesnt blood splatter in the opposite direction that the player is shot? Why doesnt blood exit the players body at the wound location? And why isnt there MORE!?

I suppose its questions like this that drive the diversity in the game creation. I am also gettin ready to focus on the gameplay itself rather than the visual effects. (Now for you all who may find this upsetting, I am not ending development on the particles, I love them too much!)

All in all I'm sure that the wait will be worth it after this next release. We will all finally see Iron Fist become its own identity!!!

Much love everyone! Whoot Whoot!!!

Keep tracking! and invite your friends too!

Iron Fist: Real-time Tactical First Person Shooter with Tesseract lighting, bullet physics, clan based gameplay with team perks and disperks plus class based gameplay. It will be just as much fun to develop as it will be to play... Oh and dont forget the 20+ weapons that are slowly being added to each release!

Tempris Author

Durring the development of the last three months I have decided to expand on many of the current weapons and the arsenal itself. Introducing a new set of power ups such as jet pack, invisibility, agility, and reintroducing the parkour effects from Red Eclipse, but in new conditions, with specials such as weapons boost.

The poison system in the game will be altered with the introduction of class based gameplay. A "Supplier", the ammo/health/poison jock will be a much needed asset in the game, they will not be able to carry weapons more than 1 plus grenades, but will have their own uniqe set of weapons they can use, meaning more inventory all together. The standard "Foot Soldier", pretty much the usual. The "Armour" being the tank will be larger, take more damage, but have slower movement and limited agility with the power-up. The "Sniper", or "Recon" will have low health, a regeneratable invisibility sheild (of course not forever lasting and long recharge), but have higher agility and speed.

Many new weapons as well! Ill be posting up data on those soon also.

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Tempris Author

And dont let me forget the "Viscous" mode as well!

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