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Toon Tower Scuffle is fun to play against the CPU's AI, but it's even better when played with a friend.

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Hey all, we're pleased with the response from our first full day of availability on the App Store.

We're noticing many players are getting their feet wet playing games vs. the AI, but Toon Tower Scuffle is best when played with friends.

When you invite a friend to play, we will create an account for them if they don't already have one.

We respect your privacy (and your friend's privacy), and we do not store email addresses in our database, and all your data is transmitted over encrypted connections. We only send emails when a new user creates an account (for themselves or for a friend through a game invitation) or when you want to manage your password.

Toon Tower Scuffle is free to play, so there's no obligation when a new account is created.

Disposable Fun encourages you to invite your friends and spread the fun of playing Toon Tower Scuffle.

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