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Toon Tower Scuffle is a turn-based game you can play alone or with friends; even when they're not online! Defend your kingdom against your enemy's soldiers by raising defensive weapons to protect your villages and castles. Send out your own army to take down your opponent. In this strategy game, you play both the defender and the aggressor. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your various soldiers and deploy the most effective army against your enemy's defenses. Capture your opponent's castle, and you win!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the soft launch of Toon Tower Scuffle [Available on iTunes:Itunes.apple.com]

We appreciate the response to the game’s launch and the feedback we received.

We’ve incorporated some of that feedback into a new build (currently under review for release on the App Store) which includes to changes to the financial model of the game. As a result of the feedback, we’ve learned that our model of “standard” and “premium” accounts was creating creating confusion, so we’ve eliminated the free-to-play model and will stick with a modest price that includes all content in the game.

As a token of our thanks to everyone who participated in the soft launch period, we’ve upgraded all your accounts to premium status.

We hope you’ll continue play and enjoy Toon Tower Scuffle and invite your friends to play with you. Many players have only experienced the game in single player mode, but the two-player mode includes gameplay power-ups for structures when they level up and item drops for fallen soldiers that you can pick up when you march your army.

However you enjoy Toon Tower Scuffle, we hope you know how much we appreciate you!

Invite a friend to play Toon Tower Scuffle

Invite a friend to play Toon Tower Scuffle


Toon Tower Scuffle is fun to play against the CPU's AI, but it's even better when played with a friend.

Toon Tower Scuffle Soft Launch!

Toon Tower Scuffle Soft Launch!


Toon Tower Scuffle has soft launched on iPad 2 or newer devices. Sorry, no original iPad support. :(

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