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In the latest video we talk about blood inside of Intruder along with the new website!

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In the latest video we talk about blood inside of Intruder.

  • Blood can appear on walls and floor when you get shot or shoot another player.
  • Besides being a neat effect use the blood to try to figure out where people have been like a clue to firefights gone by.

Blood Trails

  • If you sustain too much damage, you will start leaving behind a blood trail.
  • Follow enemy blood trails to find a hiding enemy.
  • Be careful they didn't use their own trail as a trap to flank you!

As we said in the video new stuff is up on the website. Check out IntruderOnline.com for more info!

If you haven't yet, make sure to sign up on our new forum at Superbossgames.com Anybody who is interested in testing should sign up there, post some stuff and also join us in the IRC at Superbossgames.com See you there!

Slushy_ - - 30 comments

Request for next update- ability to paint your face with the blood of your enemies and smear curse words on the wall with their appendages.

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Rus[T] - - 1,161 comments

Maybe they also can include an option, where if the player gets suppressed, they pee and **** themselves because they're scared to move to another location. Then, this also leaves a trail... :)

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Ericthemookslayer - - 205 comments

Hey, will there be other maps?

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