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Unfortunately in today's game market, a solid, realistic AC-130 game is missing from its selection. To fix this, I've began development on a new AC-130U "Spooky" immersive simulator and fully intend to create a dynamic experience that allows you to play over and over again. If you are interested in smoking enemy targets from 3,000 feet, come follow and support my project!

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Combat Simulations: AC-130U "Spooky" Gunship (working title) is intended to be a realistic, immersive AC-130 simulation experience that is planned to provide the player with much more than 25mm, 40mm, and 105mm high explosive rounds at 3,000 feet. Due to the relative simple nature of combat in an AC-130, I recognize the importance of removing redundancy in gameplay and creating a dynamic environment that allows players to maintain unique experiences, even in similar scenarios. This can be achieved through detailed and complex AI that understand their environment and make decisions from what is occurring around them.

Additionally, I intend to implement two specific ways to play the game; (1) Scenario Mode and (2) Campaign Mode.

  1. Scenario Mode is exactly as it sounds - the player will have the ability to select between a number of dynamic scenarios and tweak scenario details to their liking. These scenarios would include convoy support, close air support (CAS) for offensive operations, guardian angel over-watch for special operations, search and destroy, quick reaction force (QRF), and more!
  2. Campaign Mode is intended to inject the player into a on-going campaign. As combat unfolds on the campaign map, the player will need to pick and choose which operations to support in order to achieve ultimate strategic victory in the campaign. Depending upon the specific operations chosen and outcomes of those engagements, will ultimately determine the success the operations have for the overall strategy. Performing exclusively offensive operations on the enemy will in fact increase the enemy body count, but will neglect the civilian population who's hearts and minds are required to be successful. Helping friendly forces clear an area, establish and protect US supply depots and medical treatment centers for the populace will earn the people's trust and allegiance against the insurgency. Every civilian killed, every enemy vehicle destroyed, will help or hurt your chances of winning the war.

Now, where am I with development? I've built the basis framework for the player to move around, view the world, and blow anything up. I've also began building the AI framework for both infantry combatants and vehicles. This most likely will be the longest and hardest part of development, which is why I've prioritized it at the beginning - nothing else really matters if these first two pieces aren't built successfully. After which, I'll quickly build environmental assets, additional characters, create the campaign landscape, and conclude with building the menu systems.

There definitely is still a lot to do, but I'm happy with the progress so far. Once I am able to fully develop the AI to the point I think is appropriate, the battle will then be downhill. Much of the work after that will be relatively quick, assuming bugs and performance don't become too much of an issue. Nonetheless, I'm excited to be building this project and will continue to keep you informed on its progress!

Thank you for your interest and support!

-Sklorite Studios

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