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Brief introduction to Inferno: Alliance Standalone. The introduction is set like a normal FAQ.

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1. What's INFASA?
INFASA, short form of Inferno: Alliance Standalone, is an indie game developed by the Inferno Team. The game is intended to replace the old INFA, or Inferno: Alliance, released on December 2006. INFASA is intended to completely replace INFA.

This is not the main Inferno project: INFASA is only a prequel of the Post-Capella campaigns INF SCP and INFA2, which will be added to ModDB later. While INFASA is supposed to be close to FreeSpace 1, INF SCP and INFA2 go will go well beyond the feeling of FreeSpace 2.

2. So I won't need FreeSpace 2 SCP to play this, right?
Exactly. Just like the name suggests, INFASA is standalone. You won't need FreeSpace 2 nor the result of the SCP Team's work to play it.

3. What are the main differences between INFA and INFASA?

Among the obvious differences, such as graphical updates and the fact that INFASA won't need FS2 to run, the new release will add a variety of original stuff.

Unlike its predecessor, INFASA will focus on its main campaign. INFA was pretty much a mod with a side campaign attached to it: thanks the opposite of what INFASA is going to do, because it will give a lot of importance to its main campaign. The number of missions has been significantly increased (from 20 to 34) and characterization is now of the utmost importance. The new campaign is a considerable upgrade of the old one under all points of view: it's delaying the final release by several months, if not years, so we hope that playing it would be a pleasure.

INFASA will also feature introduction and ending cutscenes, plus at least two training missions. I have personally decided to add training missions to help people who don't have any experience with FreeSpace. The others may obviously skip the training, although playing them may be important to understand how certain INFASA features are supposed to work.

It's also worth mentioning the presence of several minicampaigns whose characteristics are currently classified. Expect to read updates on the status and content of those campaigns in the foreseeable future.

4. Will INFASA be voice acted?

Voice acting is known to delay releases by months or even years. For this reason, the Inferno Team will consider voice acting only after the release.

5. What's the status on the project?

The project is current undergoing serious graphical updates that involve the implementation of upgraded models and better textures/effects. Woomeister, the project leader, is taking care of this.

Under the mission designing point of view, INFASA is also undergoing serious upgraded. I'm using my FREDding skills to add a noticeable number of features to the main campaign. I hope to ultimate the upgrade very soon so that the testing phase can start.

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